01 October 2021

Tracking Your CPD Progress Using River CPD

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In some professions today, Continuing Professional Development or CPD is a pre-requisite or requirement for obtaining a license to practice in that field, or registration with/membership of their professional bodies. Some organisations have even made it mandatory for their employees to take designated CPD courses and earn their certificates before they’re eligible for promotion or sponsored career advancements. In these cases, the term CPD is used formally. Informally, committing to learning and improving is expected but not mandated of every person in a professional capacity.

The similarity between both uses of CPD is perhaps also the most important thing about it – it is personal. Mandated or not, each individual is expected to take responsibility for their own skills and recognise when improvement is needed; plan and attend their trainings/activities, learn for themselves, record development activities, track their progress, reflect on learning, apply and share their learning. However, many people get frustrated about keeping CPD logs and diaries. They don’t have the time to fill out a CPD diary or update every detail of their CPD learning. Therefore, they need a professional development system that can be filled or updated quickly and efficiently and can help managers track their employees’ and members CPD progress.

RiverCPD is an online CPD management software that was designed specifically to combat this problem. It is easier and more intuitive to use than any other online CPD management system. It is perfect for busy professionals and organisations - fitting into busy schedules and working perfectly on any device. Professionals, organisations, and professional bodies can now manage their studying, recording, storing, and monitoring of information easily.

Features of RiverCPD

What makes RiverCPD different from other tracking tools?

User management - Create new users or import your members into the CPD portal with a few clicks.

Diary import - Import your existing CPD records to identify critical skills gaps and conduct hassle free audits.

Diary management - View users CPD diaries to track training and progress against objectives so you can focus on more important tasks.

One-click addition of content - With RiverCPD your members can add content they have read or watched on your RiverCMS hosted website straight into their CPD log in one click.

Built for mobile - RiverCPD is designed for users constantly on the move. It makes balancing learning around busy schedules easy for your members; no desk required. It can also be used on any device and operating system; IOS, android, windows, etc.

Configurable titles - You can change the field name and the system is set up to suit your industry; there may be specific fields you need to add to your CPD that others might not need.

Fully auditable CPD logs - Fully auditable logs will help you help your members. With RiverCPD, you can easily see how your members are doing and where they are in their development.

Easily integrated - RiverCPD is easily integrated with other software. You might have many educational features to offer your members, from events to reports to videos. With RiverCPD, every event attended, or paper downloaded can be stored through its integration with any website, CMS, and CRM software.

Fully equipped - RiverCPD is fully equipped with the right tools so professionals can develop without losing time or energy managing their CPD.

Customisation - RiverCPD can be customised to match your branding and corporate colours.

Objective management - Manageable objectives are vital to achieving academic results. Through RiverCPD your members can set themselves objectives, record their progress and share it easily.

Trust is a cornerstone of RiverCPD. Members and users can trust that their information is stored safely and accurately, so there’s no chance of their records becoming lost or missing. In addition to the safety of members’ records, there are other benefits of tracking your CPD progress using RiverCPD:

  • Ease of use
  • Security of information
  • Tracking and reporting for managers and the concept of being software your members can trust.
  • User experience – RiverCPD is tailored to people of all ages and abilities. Its fluidity ensures that your account can be accessed and updated at any time.
  • It is suitable for both end users and managers.
  • RiverCPD helps you with decluttering spreadsheets, folders, and paper binders, allowing you concentrate on your development.
  • With RiverCPD, you can complete your audit process in a few clicks, at your pace and without stress.

Each CPD activity includes the name of the activity, length of time, allocation of points, optional storage of learning evidence and area for self-reflection. Your archived CPD reports are available at the click of a button should you be audited.

Still not sure if RiverCPD is right for you? Contact us today to discuss how an online CPD portal can benefit you. Stay focused on your continuous professional development and let RiverCPD do the tracking for you.