Intuitive, customisable CPD Management

RiverCPD - The smarter way to log your learning and record CPD for both end users and managers. Stay focused on your continuous professional development and let RiverCPD do the tracking.

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River CPD

Clear the clutter and stay organised

RiverCPD helps you get rid of the clutter of paper binders, folders and pesky spreadsheets so that you can concentrate on what’s important – being the best that you can be in your professional career.

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River CPD

Take charge and hit those targets

Keep your priorities straight and your professional goals in sight. The easy to navigate online portal means users can view their CPD diary, add new entries and track their progress from a single place.

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Breeze through your audits

Be 100% ready for your audits in just a couple of clicks. With RiverCPD, you’ll complete your audit without a hitch long before you begin to feel the stress, pressure and anxiety of the audit process.

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River CPD

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CPD Management and administration has never been more affordable or easier. Build a portfolio to showcase continuous professional development and spend your time doing the things that really matter to your members/employees, … it really is As Simple as CPD.

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RiverCPD Features

   User management

Create new users or import your members into the CPD portal with a few clicks.

   Objective management

Make continuous professional development a breeze with easy objective management.

   Diary management

View users CPD diary’s to track training & progress against objectives so you can focus on more important tasks.

   Diary import

Import your existing CPD records to identify critical skills gaps and conduct hassle free audits.


Integrate RiverCPD with your website or content management system to provide a seamless user experience.


RiverCPD can be customised to match your branding and corporate colours.

Still not sure if RiverCPD is right for you? Contact us today to discuss how an online CPD portal can benefit you.